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A List of All Upcoming DOE Events

The Conn-Selmer Division of Education offers a number of events to support the professional development of directors, students, and parents. These workshops and presentations are taught by some of the finest music educators anywhere. Below are the upcoming events that may be of interest to you:

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Conn Selmer Institute, June 11-14 2023, In-Person or Online

Join us this June for Conn Selmer Institute! Held on the beautiful campus of Bethel University in Mishawaka, IN, this three and a half day professional development conference is designed for college students, directors, and music program leaders. Our world-class faculty leads a curriculum with specialized tracks focusing on college students, new music educators, middle school directors, high school directors including marching arts, and music administrators.

Music Administration Collaborative

Music Administration Collaborative First Wednesdays - Lunch with Leaders and Legends featuring Special Guest, Roland Parrish - February 1, 2023 01:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

The Music Administration Collaborative supports music education across America and around the globe. It is the primary source of professional development, communication, and networking for today's music administrators and program leaders. Join Rick Ghinelli and special guests each month for Lunch with Leaders and Legends!

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Concert Artistry

Concert Artistry - Concert Artistry Community Chat featuring Special Guest, Frank Ticheli - February 1, 2023 07:00PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

The February Concert Artistry session is not to be missed! World renowned composer Frank Ticheli allows us to see music “through the eyes of the composer” as he contributes invaluable insights into “Two Cajun Folk Songs,” and “Simple Gifts.” Join us as PC leads a conversation with one of the most brilliant and creative minds of this generation.

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Student Leadership

Student Leadership Monthly - Our leadership clinicians will present a content-rich, nuts-and-bolts student leadership session designed to coincide with the events that typically happen throughout the school year.


The Student Leadership Community webinar in on a brief hiatus for July, but we encourage you to explore past sessions - all available to watch on demand in our Conn Selmer Community archive.

Marching Arts Educators

Marching Arts Monthly - "Preparing and Taking Care of Your Performers in 2023", February 8, 2023 05:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

We will spend some time with well known pageantry arts icon Shirley Daugherty who's background in the marching arts along with her knowledge of social/emotional wellness makes for the perfect conversation of how to take care of your performers going into 2023. Look forward to their conversation as they discuss ways you can truly serve the emotional and social well being of your performers during the season.

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Parent Booster

Parent Boosters Community Monthly Meeting - 3 Tips for Making the Most of Your Resources in 2023 - January 17, 2023 08:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

We will explore three tips for turning your organization's potential into performance for the new year! We will share often overlooked ways for making the most of your resources: 1. Identifying Overlooked Resources, 2.Strategically Empowering Your Resources, and 3. Managing Your Team's Time for Maximum Benefit.

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HBCU Collective

HBCU Collective - Music Moments with the HBCU Collective: "HBCUs + Conn Selmer: Relationships, Partnerships and Professional Growth" - January 25, 2023 08:30 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Conn Selmer is a proud supporter of HBCU music programs. HBCU Band and Orchestra programs are often celebrated as the most visible units on their campuses. Join Conn Selmer team members and HBCU graduates, Dr. William Earvin (CAU, MVSU) and Choni Arri (NSU), as they discuss many ways that HBCU directors and music majors can connect and collaborate through HBCU/Conn Selmer events. Come ready to hear about The HBCU National Band and Orchestra Directors' Consortium Conference, CSI - Atlanta, and the annual Conn Selmer Institute this summer in Indiana.

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