Nancy Taylor

Nancy Taylor

Senior Lecturer in Music (Trumpet)
University Of Texas-El Paso


Nancy Taylor is a professional musician, educator, and occupational therapist. She spent the first 8 years of her professional career playing trumpet with The President’s Own United States Marine Band. She now teaches trumpet at the University of Texas at El Paso and is a Board Certified Occupational Therapist. Ms. Taylor is sought after for workshops and clinics concerning injury treatment and prevention for musicians, and just published her first book with Oxford University Press, Teaching Healthy Musicianship: The music educator’s guide to injury prevention and wellness.

  Session Titles

Now Hear This!


Professional musicians are four times more likely to lose their hearing and almost 60% more likely to have ringing in the ears (tinnitus) than non-musicians. Learn to protect your most valuable sense - hearing - through preventative actions.

Shoulders for Musicians


You have them. You need them. Sometimes they hurt. Come to this workshop for stretches, strengthening exercises, and ways to maintain optimal shoulder function for a long, pain-free career in music.

Injury Prevention and Fitness for the Marching Band


As a marching band director, you don't have a physical trainer on staff, but you do have this clinic. This clinic addresses topics of physical conditioning, safe execution of marching techniques, assigning and fitting marching instruments, basics of first aid and heat-related illnesses- and how uniforms can affect student safety and well-being.